Participant Feedback Form (Collective Results)

On a scale of 1-5 where 1 is strongly disagree and 5 is strongly agree, please circle the most appropriate answer:

1. The workshop content was:

a) Relevant Average :4.5/5
b) Comprehensive Average :4.1/5
c) Easy to understand Average :4.1/5

Comments: Just Excellent

2. The workshop was:

a) Well placed Average :4.1/5
b) Breaks were sufficient Average :4.2/5
c) Interaction level Average :4.0/5

Comments: I was really motivated from the workshop.

There should be more efforts that must be given to the organization of the sessions, in order to give uniform distribution of the talks.

3. The Speakers were:

a) Knowledgeable Average :4.6/5
b) Well-prepared Average :4.2/5
c) Responsive to participants’ questions Average :4.2/5

Comments: None

4. The workshop venue was:

a) Comfortable Average :4.5/5
b) Well located Average :4.2/5
c) Food and refreshments were adequate Average :4.6/5
d) Audio/Visual quality Average :4.1/5

Comments: None

5. What did you like best about this workshop?

  • The concept of LSTP
  • Meeting colleagues from other disciplines
  • Research and Innovation (Dr. Fouad Mrad)
  • The presentation of Dr. Osman
  • Organization of workshop with students
  • Ideas
  • Networking
  • To enhance collaboration and the transfer of knowledge and best practices among innovation stakeholders nationally and regionally.
  • Intervention of Dr. Mrad
  • Well organized, knowledge participants
  • New ideas from experts
  • Motivational presentations for new start ups
  • It's one of its kinds. A new platform made on modernization of research and development
  • تبادل الخبرات والمعلومات بين الحضور واستعداد الجميع للتعاون
  • Program was sufficient
  • The need
  • Networking
  • Quality and knowledge of guest speakers + accessibility

6. What did you like least about this workshop?

  • Relation between the universities and the professional associations.
  • The absence of speakers from Jordan
  • Multidisciplinary Topics
  • Lack of local participants from different sectors in Tripoli
  • غياب ممثلين عن شركات صناعية
  • Practice
  • Absence of industry

7. What topic(s) do you recommend for future workshops?

  • Research and Industry
  • How to create your start up. For university students
  • Research and its relation to LSTP
  • Youth ideas for jobs, creativity, and time consumption
  • The need interaction with Industry
  • Ways and means to enact change
  • I'd like you to give more time for showing true stories in order for the researches to be motivated.
  • I recommend planifying a workshop in which R&D participants present their projects ideas. Incubators representatives will select brilliant projects for funding
  • I recommend more workshops that help the creations and to commercialize their projects: How they develop strategy, how they do a business plan, how to describe the projects, how to do a market research, how to buy his idea

8. How could this workshop be improved ?

  • Topics must be covered in depth
  • Keep emphasizing on the innovation/change issue. More shared local experience speakers. Good idea probably to have a permanent ongoing, on a regular basis, activity of workshops. Keep up the good innovative work.


  • Enlarge the speaker's board, especially from other advanced science parks worldwide.


  • Good Place
  • The location is risky


  • Encourage young R&D to present their ideas