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Workshop Findings and Recommendations 

ID Finding/ Recommendation Related Actions
1 In general, entrepreneurship awareness is weak in the society. We need to nurture the entrepreneurship culture especially in universities, and research centers and do more startup weekends whenever possible A1
2 Most if not all researches done in local universities are just for the sake of research so that the student gets a degree or the professor gets promoted. We need to focus on research that can be commercialized and has direct benefit on the society and positive impact on the local economy A2,A3
3 Private companies in Lebanon don’t have R&D departments and few of them support to or facilitate/guide researches in their domains. We need to encourage the private sector to cooperate with the academia to make their research applicable in the market A4
4 We have two important things available in Lebanon: talented and skilled human resources and financial resources in banks; we need to build on the above to support an innovative idea to become a successful business A5
5 Sometimes, we have cases where there are funds available for research in specific topic (e.g. in the Gulf) but there is lack of researchers/advancement in that topic. This could be an opportunity for local researchers in Lebanon to benefit from whenever applicable A5, A6

Workshop Actions

ID Action Item Description Owner (s) Timeline
A1 Conduct entrepreneur knowledge and skills training for Lebanese university  EDST (Ecole doctorale des Sciences et de Technology ) professors and researchers and possibly other universities EDST with support from LSTP and ETC Q1 2014
A2 Conduct innovation and commercialization awareness sessions for Lebanese University EDST  professors and researchers and possibly other private universities LSTP with support from ETC Q1 2014
A3 Adopt an IP policy and plan to establish a technology transfer office in universities in Lebanon Local universities with support from ETC and LSTP 2014
A4 Find and encourage private companies in the region that are willing to support researches applicable to their domains LSTP with support from ETC Ongoing
A5 Build and promote local collaboration network among researchers, innovators, subject matter experts, possible investors and supporters to encourage innovation and commercialization towards economic development LSTP supported by all stakeholders Starting January 2014
A6 Collaborate with other countries on research and any potential research commercialization ;e.g. Qatar STP and universities in Lybia LSTP with support from ETC 2014