Project Roadmap

This flowchart shows the successful path of an innovative project till it reaches a successful business:

Project Roadmap Flowchart

Project Evaluation Process

Stage one:

The participant sends a report about the innovative project. This report should not exceed 20 pages, and it can be either in Arabic or English. It should include the idea of the innovative project or product, its use, the detailed systematic work of the project, the drawings, as well as a photo of the sample of the creation (if found). A review will be carried out afterwards to check the feasibility of the project from a technical and an economical side. The executive committee will consist of, in addition to the founders of LSTP, top experienced members in the field of the project, businessmen, and university professors.

Stage two:

Once the project gets approved by the executive committee, the applicant will then be eligible to apply for a mini grant according the project budget required and under the maximum set by the MINI GRANTS program.

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