Support Programs: Training and Coaching

LSTP provides training and coaching to entrepreneurs in different stages of the entrepreneurship life cycle and in various topics.

  • Even before applying, LSTP will offer entrepreneur skills training: How to become an entrepreneur, including Edexcel Peter Jones’ Enterprise and entrepreneurship training program
  • LSTP will provide information sessions and training on the application process
  • Once accepted in the MINI GRANTS program, selected candidates will be offered intensive entrepreneurship training program while they are supported by LSTP on how to conduct their feasibility study or research project and what to do to commercialize their project. Highlights of these program include:
      Module 1: Foundation of Entrepreneurship
      Module 2: Intellectual Property & Product Protection
      Module 3: Business Planning and Raising Finance
      Module 4: Leadership, Teambuilding and Motivation
      Module 5: Sales and Marketing for Technology Companies
  • LSTP will facilitate SME (Subject Matter Experts) review and feedback for entrepreneur’s projects on their subjects
  • LSTP will provide training on how to setup a company, offer legal and accounting services and related training as needed
  • LSTP will provide public training on miscellaneous topics, including but not limited to:
    • how to write a business plan
    • how to manage small and medium enterprises
    • Self and Business Marketing
    • Human resource management
    • Project and program management
  • LSTP will make available to its entrepreneurs all trainings currently offered by ADC and HDC.
    • ADC:
      • CPA/CMA/CFA/CIA/CM +
      • Cisco Academy training and certifications
      • Microsoft Academy training and certifications
    • HDC: Training of Trainers (ToT), CORT, Strategic Planning, Human Resources, Enterprise Management, Marketing, how to conduct feasibility studies, and others.
  • LSTP will provide support to get investment to accelerate their company (LIF Program)

GEW Seminar